With your permission

In 2008 the Belgian legislator set out the conditions for obtaining and using (excessive) human bodily material for medical applications or for scientific research. The most important condition is that we – the researchers – need your permission for the use of your bodily material in scientific research. In case of minor children we need the approval of the parents.

In the contract patients conclude with Oncofertility UZ Brussel, we therefore request your permission to use a part (maximum ten percent) of the tissue we collected for research. This may not be of direct interest to you (or to your son or daughter), but it may contribute to the development of therapies which may be beneficial to the fertility.

You decide voluntarily and without pressure: whether you agree to contribute to research or not will not affect your treatment in any way. You can also change your mind – or your child can change his or her mind – until the time when the scientific research has started.

egg cells
for scientific research

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