Will you help us – FOTO – help women with cancer?

You can do this by transferring an amount of your choice to account number BE14 7331 9999 9983 from Kom op tegen kanker (Stand up against Cancer) with the mention "170207538”.
You can also donate by visiting our webpage https://www.1000km.be/team/foto

FOTO is the dynamic cycling team of the CRG fertility center at UZ Brussel.
Our team wants to support women who have cancer and who want to freeze oocytes and/or ovarian tissue. This gives them a chance to try and fulfill their wish to have a child later on.

FOTO is also the name of the research group (Freezing Ovarian Tissue and Oocytes) at the University Hospital Brussels (VUB), the University Hospital St Luc (UCL) and the University Hospital Erasmus (ULB). Together we carry out research and treatments to make this type of treatment as efficient as possible.
Women who develop cancer are at risk of becoming less fertile due to cancer treatment (chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy) due to an effect on the oocyte supply. In women specifically, we can freeze oocytes or ovarian tissue for later use.
That is the treatment we are working on every day, both in our research and in clinical practice.

Thank you for supporting FOTO and Come on against Cancer!
You can donate on account number BE14 7331 9999 9983 of Kom op tegen Kanker, with the mention "170207538” or visit our webpage https://www.1000km.be/team/foto