For patients

The coordinator of the Oncofertility team is your coach during your (or your child's) treatment. She will arrange all practical matters for you, including:

  • your registration as a patient of UZ Brussel,
  • your consultation with the CRG fertility doctor,
  • the necessary preliminary examinations,
  • if you are undergoing the procedure at UZ Brussel, the appointment for the preoperative tests and for the procedure itself.

    If the procedure will take place under general anaesthesia, you should also read Procedure for interventions under anaesthesia.

The oncofertility coordinator will give you all the required information about your treatment, including where and when you are expected to attend and, if applicable, what you have to do to prepare for the procedure.

If you need treatment to preserve your fertility and you have Belgian health insurance, you are reimbursed for:
  • one fertility treatment, and
  • the cost of storage of your eggs or ovarian tissue, your sperm or testicular tissue or your embryos.

You are entitled to reimbursement in the following situations

  • If you need chemotherapy:
    • you are a man younger than 45,
    • you are woman younger than 37,
    • you are a minor (boy or girl).
  • If you have your ovaries removed preventatively because of a genetic mutation that increases your risk for breast or ovarian cancer.
  • If you are diagnosed with borderline ovarian tumour.
  • If you have a testicular cancer that doesn’t need radiotherapy or chemotherapy. 
  • If you need a bone marrow transplant because of a blood disorder. 

What is reimbursed?

  • For men: the cost of freezing and the frozen storage of sperm. 
  • For boys before puberty: 
    • the procedure to remove testicular tissue (with testicular stem cells); and
    • the freezing and frozen storage of that tissue.
  • For women and girls after puberty: 
    • an ovarian stimulation followed by egg retrieval to collect eggs; and
    • the freezing and frozen storage of the eggs.
      • If you are in a stable relationship and you and your partner want children together, you can have your eggs fertilised with your partner's sperm and the resulting embryos frozen.
        This treatment is also reimbursed. 
  • In women and girls (before or after puberty) ovarian tissue is removed and frozen in certain circumstances.
    This procedure and the cost of storage are also reimbursed.