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A diagnosis of cancer leads to a huge amount of stress, anxiety and uncertainty, whether this diagnosis involves yourself or your child. You have to process a lot of information and make difficult choices.
One potential concern you may have is the effect of the cancer treatment on your fertility. The Oncofertility team of the UZ Brussels will try to answer this question.

In ‘Cancer and (your) fertility’ we discuss the harmful effect of cancer therapy on the human ability of procreation. We will also touch upon hereditary forms of cancer.
In ‘Before cancer treatment’ and ‘During cancer treatment’ we will go over the options that are available to try and preserve your fertility beyond the cancer therapy.
In ‘After the treatment’ we will discuss how your fertility is checked after the end of the cancer therapy.
In ‘What in case of a future desire to have children?’ we end by listing the options available to fulfil your desire to have children after you cancer is cured.

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