More info?

  • Maybe you are dealing with a hereditary type of cancer and you want to have children. What can you do to avoid transmitting the hereditary factor to your future child? That information is available on
  • If your cancer treatment is finished (and has been for some time) and you consider fertility treatment, please read What if you want to have children (later)? (on this site)
    The CRG site and the brochure Medical assistance when you want to have children provide all the information you need about the practical course of fertility treatment.
  • For more information about oncology: Oncology Centre of UZ Brussel.
  • For women with breast cancer we would like to refer to the Pink Ribbon organisation and the website of the same name. On this site questions are asked and answered about cancer and sexuality, partner relation, pain during intercourse, etc., because these aspects are also part of your fertility.