For patients

The coordinator of the Oncofertility team is your coach during your (or your child's) treatment. She will arrange all practical matters for you, including:

  • your registration as a patient of UZ Brussel,
  • your consultation with the CRG fertility doctor,
  • the necessary preliminary examinations,
  • if you are undergoing the procedure at UZ Brussel, the appointment for the preoperative tests and for the procedure itself.

    If the procedure will take place under general anaesthesia, you should also read Procedure for interventions under anaesthesia.

The oncofertility coordinator will give you all the required information about your treatment, including where and when you are expected to attend and, if applicable, what you have to do to prepare for the procedure.

Belgian legislation currently provides a maximum storage time of ten years for storage of human gametes (egg cells and sperm cells). By extension the same storage time applies to human reproductive tissue containing gametes (ovarian tissue and testicular tissue).
For the storage of embryos a maximum storage time of five years applies.

However, this legal term can be extended – or reduced for that matter – on medical grounds. If this is what you want you, the patient (or in case of minor children the parents), will have to submit a written request in due time. For the approval of your request you need the approval of the treating CRG doctor.
Certainly for young cancer patients – children, adolescents, young adults – there is a real chance that an extension will be required. Therefore it is very important that you keep in touch with us after the procedure and that you notify us of all relevant changes in your personal situation.
If we do not get a written request for extension before the end of the storage time – either from the original signing party (parties) to the contract, or from the child who is now an adult – we are legally required to end the storage. In that case the preserved reproductive material will be donated for scientific research or destroyed, as stipulated in the contract.