How do we operate?

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and have already undergone surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy may follow soon afterwards. Depending on your oncologist's advice that treatment will often commence within a few days or at the latest within a few weeks.
If we want to try and preserve your fertility in this treatment process, the Oncofertility team must be able to help you quickly and efficiently.

The coordinator of the Oncofertility team ensures that no time is lost.
You or your treating physician/oncologist can call the coordinator directly by phone or contact her by e-mail (click on Contact).
The proposed fertility preservation treatment will obviously always be discussed with your physician, oncologist or haematologist. The coordinator streamlines the consultations between all the parties involved – you (or your child as a patient), the specialists of the Oncofertility team and the (para)medical staff who are responsible for you or who support you throughout your cancer treatment.

The coordinator will then schedule an urgent appointment for you with the CRG fertility doctor and organise all other practical issues: your registration as a patient at the UZ Brussels and, if applicable, the appointments for preoperative tests (such as consultation with the anaesthetist and blood test), the planning for fertility-preserving procedures or other interventions, ...

The coordinator is also your confidante during the treatment: she gives you all the necessary information, assists you and supports you.