Scientific research with ovarian tissue

Immature egg cells embedded in ovarian tissue have to be cultured in vitro. To this end we try to imitate the full growth of primordial follicles at the lab, up to the stage of ovulation.
In experiments with mice researchers of UZ Brussel have succeeded in obtaining mature egg cells from in vitro cultured eggs and to fertilize these eggs in vitro. The replacement of the embryos thus realised in acceptor mice have resulted in the birth of healthy little ones. In order to develop a similar technique for humans, we conduct experimental research on human tissue at the laboratory of UZ Brussels. We still have a long road to travel.
The same applies for research into the transplantation of thawed ovarian tissue. To date we cannot guarantee the success of the procedure.
However, more than 30 life births have been achieved after transplantation of thawed ovarian tissue.
If you are a woman or a girl and you face cancer treatment which may make you sterile, banking pieces of the ovary is sometimes the only option to safeguard your chances of a child in the future.

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